wewilllive4ever said: This isn't a question, but you are very pretty :)

Awh thank you very much ♥

bevande said: i love your tattoo

Awh thank you! ♥♡

Anonymous said: You're beautiful as hell omg but I was wondering where you get your monroe piercing jewelry? Love your blog too btw :)

Awh thanks :) I just get them at a local piercing shop. But I really love the site bodycandy.com. Or just google monroe piercing jewelry & there’s tons of different sites. <33

Anonymous said: Hiiii, i was just wondering, how do you make a link for you personal pictures??

You tag your pictures with like “me" or whatever and then link it as

<a href=”yourtumblrname.com/tagged/me">My pictures</a>

Message me if you need more help <3

jasonsurfallday said: woww, youre gorgeouss :)

Awh thank you:)

boneve said: you look good, love the costume :)

Thank you! :)

xoalluringbeautyxo-deactivated2 said: omg you're so pretty!

Awh thank you!! :)

abxminvtion-deactivated20140205 said: I fell in love with your blog as soon as i found it.

Awh thanks girl! ;*

illestflow said: lovely blog :) would you mind checking mine out?

Thank you! :) Followed back <33

dboobaybeex3 said: i freakin love everything about your blog. from the skulls, to the spikes, cheetah, money$$$$, & alcohol! i think i just reblogged like half of everything lol check out mine?

Awhh thank you! I love your blog too! Followed back <33